qqbThe Quicken and Quickbooks download service that is offered via ELGA’s XpressLink home banking is a fee based service.  If you sign-up for the service (by performing a Quicken/Quickbooks download)  through XpressLink or via a 3rd party site that utilizes this service you are responsible for any charges that may be incurred for using this service.

If you use the Quicken or Quickbooks download service, you are responsible for the monthly fee regardless of the source retrieving the information.  If you have shared your logon credentials with any third party you become responsible for how those credentials are used.

Steps to Getting Rid of Quicken or Quickbooks Fees:

  1. If you no longer wishes to use the Quicken or Quickbooks download service you will need to contact ELGA at (810) 715-3542 to change your record.
  2. If the fee is being assessed due to an agreement between you and a 3rd party site, you will also need to contact that site and cancel the service with them or the next time it connects it will set you up to be eligible for the fee once again.
  3. As a last resort, you can change your XpressLink password so that the 3rd party site no longer has access to your account information.

Still want an Online Financial Management tool?

If you are interested in an account aggregate/online financial management platform that won’t cost you for pulling data from your ELGA account, please consider My Finance, which is included in XpressLink.

My Finance benefits include:

  • View all accounts – even those held at other financial institutions
  • Ability to track accounts and categorize transactions
  • Review transaction history for all your accounts in one place
  • Create and maintain a budget and financial goals
  • Track net worth
  • Monitor activity through custom alerts

Here’s where you can find My Finance from inside of XpressLink:

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 3.43.12 PM

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