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T-Rex TRI Series Pterodactyl Triathlon

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On Wednesday July, 19th 2017 ten ELGA associates on our ELGA Wellness Team participated in the Running Fit’s Pterodactyl Triathlon, which is part of the T-REX Triathlon series. This was a Sprint Tri which included a .5 mile swim, a 12.4 mile bike ride, and a 3.1 mile run. The event took place at the Island Lake Recreation Area in Brighton, MI.

This triathlon was a huge undertaking by our ELGA Wellness Team participants, particularly because it meant that they had to work their booties off – both literally and figuratively. The swim portion gave us a bit of a challenge as the water temperature was almost 80 degrees, but the course was well put together, and there were lifeguards on the kayaks encouraging us all along the way.

Once out of the water, we quickly jumped on our bikes and we were off for the next portion of the race. The Island Lake Recreation Area has beautiful paved paths that allowed for some intense up and downhill straightaways. But not to worry, at all of the larger hills we had awesome volunteers on-hand to help cheer us on.

The final event was the run. Though the beginning of the run was uphill, it resulted in ending the race on a fantastic downhill sprint. Again, throughout the 3.1 miles, volunteers were standing by to cheer us on, hand us cold water and ice rags, and spray us with cold water from hoses – all which felt amazing in the heat. Hearing my friends and family cheer me on at the finish line, and having my daughter run the last few feet with me, is something I will remember for the rest of my life.

We have to give a huge THANK YOU to the guys at Complete Runner for going above and beyond to help us get ready for this event. Another gigantic THANK YOU goes out to our friends and family who supported us all along the way. We could not have done it without you. Lastly, a big THANK YOU to ELGA’s CEO, Karen Church, who always shows up and supports her associates in everything we do. She is truly an incredible leader, and we are very grateful for all the love and support shown to us.

Though this was an extremely hot race with temperatures in the high 80’s and high humidity, it did not detour any of our ELGA Wellness Team participants.  Everyone had a smile on their face from beginning to end. I honestly could not be more proud of the incredible people who took on this triathlon challenge with me. No matter what, not one of them ever gave up. I am not just happy to call them fellow associates, but also great friends. I adore each and every one of them and thank them for joining me in crossing this off my bucket list. Cheers to our next life changing event together!

Click HERE to view the full event photo album.

Guest Blogger – Elyse J., Senior Loan Officer

The Atwood Stadium 5K/10K Races

Atwood Stadium Race Collage

Not a chance of thunderstorms, extreme humidity or even a little rain could prevent ELGA’s Wellness Team from participating in the 7th Annual Atwood Stadium 5K & 10K Races this past Saturday, July 22nd, 2017. Everyone showed up bright and early at 7:00am to the historic Atwood Stadium with smiles on their faces and ready to take on the race set before us.

The Atwood Stadium 5K marked the 4th race that I have ever participated in, and it proved to be my most challenging yet. Earlier this year after being approached by our ever-so-cheerful ELGA Wellness Team Captain, I begrudgingly signed up to join the ELGA Wellness Team. I never thought of myself as much of a long distance walker or runner, but figured the exercise would be good for me and it never hurts to try something new. I have to say, it was one of the best choices I could have made, and it has challenged me both mentally and physically with each new race.

As I already mentioned, the Atwood Stadium 5K was my most challenging race yet. Two words can sum up why: humidity & hills. The sky would occasionally spit droplets of rain down on us, but the dense air clung to us as we moved through the hot and sticky race course. Unlike the few previous race courses that I had been on, the Atwood Stadium 5K added in some rolling hills throughout the course. Not being an experienced outdoor walker or runner, I was surprised by how much these two factors slowed down my pace, but I was determined to finish the race as close to my previous race times as possible.

After what seemed like a never ending race course in and around Kettering University, we finally rounded the corner onto the newly lush AstroTurf of Atwood Stadium with the finish line in sight. I had never been so happy to cross a finish line as I was when I crossed this one! However, I must admit that though I was ecstatic to have completed the race, I was still a little disappointed for not matching or beating my previous race times.

As I slowly sauntered over to our ELGA Wellness Team Captain, who happened to be waiting just past the finish line with a big, beaming, proud smile, I began to express my disappointment in my final time. She immediately stopped me and told me how great of a job I truly did. Then she told me to go check the standings to see if I placed. I looked at her and laughed, scoffing at the notion that I would have placed in this race. Much to my surprise, and at the loss of a bet, I placed 2nd in my age group! The lesson I learned here was never discount yourself, and always be proud of your achievements, whether they are big or small.

Overall this race was a great experience that I’m proud to have been a part of. Most importantly, all proceeds from the Atwood Stadium 5K/10K Races benefit Carriage Town Ministries. Carriage Town Ministries has been serving the Flint community since 1950 by providing food, shelter, clothing, and a host of other life enriching services to those in need.

Look for us at our next race, Lapeer’s Run Drugs Out of Town on August 20th, which also benefits another great cause. This annual 5K benefits Lapeer’s Families Against Narcotics whose mission is to educate communities on prescription painkiller addiction and its potential to lead some to heroin use.

Click HERE to view the full event photo album.

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