You graduate and now it’s time to get a job (that’s next, right?). After all, it’s why you spent all those years in school. However, months and several promising job interviews later, you’re still looking for work.

Yes, the job market is getting better and unemployment is dropping. But there are still still 9.3 million people in this country fighting for an estimated 4.8 million available jobs. In short, it’s still tough out there. You still need an aggressive approach to separate from the millions of others and find you the job you seek.

How? Infuse your search with the best power you have: you. In a world of apps for everything, the winning approach may still come down to the human touch.

Be connected. Go beyond the job boards to network with those who can connect you to jobs. Get away from the computer and reach out to human networks; try recruiters and hiring agencies. Don’t just email them your résumé–call and get to know those who know where the jobs are. Build your industry networks by using LinkedIn or Meetup to make personal connections with others in your field.

Be creative. Remember that car commercial where the guy waits outside with a cup of coffee for the CEO and gets himself a job? That’s a creative way to snag a job; sending an email and hoping for the best is not. Can’t be there in person? Create a brief slide deck or an industry blog (use sites like Ghost) and share on your LinkedIn profile or digital résumé. Create a digital cloud full of ideas that any employer can view and learn about your creative abilities.

Be personal. Infuse your job search with personal touches beyond the email. After you’ve sent your résumé, follow up with phone call. Remember thank you notes after interviews are essential. The human touch will build your network of people who know you, not your screen name.

Be positive. If you do snag an interview, that means your potential employer will eventually meet you—burned out from the job search or not. They will shake your hand and observe your mannerisms. They may even ask you to role play or ask about your hobbies. If you are personable and positive, you’ll outflank the competition. How you do stay positive when your job hunt drags on and you’ve have many fruitless interviews? Positive self-talk has many benefits that can sustain your job search. Flip the mental script. You don’t have to be the best of 9 million. You don’t need to win every job.

Just one.

Photo by Eric Sonstroem via cc.

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