After hearing the same message twice from an MSU Economy Professor (Charles Ballard and he loves the State of Michigan), it made me realize that we must change course in our great State.  In 1980, Michigan’s per capita wage was equal to that of Massachusetts at $25K over what the average was for the Country.  In that year, Massachusetts made a decision to invest in higher education, making it affordable for all students to attend college. 

In Michigan, we started seeing a decline in State funding for higher education.  At that time, a student’s share of cost to attend college was about 20% and the State funded 76%.  Today, a student has to pay about 80% and the State funds approximately 14%. 

What about that per capita wage in comparison to Massachusetts?   They average $60K per year and Michigan’s average is $30K.  Not to mention the average debt for a four year college graduate is nearly $40K.  I know many that owe double that!  So, let’s urge our Governor to take action to help reverse this trend.  We want to knock Massachusetts out of that top spot and the only way to do that is to be better educated!


“M” States

Rank 2010

Rank 2010

Massachusetts 1 2
Minnesota 10 10
Michigan 34 39
Mississippi 49 50

Karen was introduced to the credit union philosophy of “People Helping People” working a co-op position at ELGA Credit Union her senior year in high school. She returned to ELGA Credit Union in 1978 to further develop her credit union career and was named CEO in 1993. Karen has seen ELGA grow from a one branch, three million dollar credit union with five employees, to an over three hundred seventy four million, eight branch credit union employing 150. She is especially proud of her associates as they are committed to serving others and they work to improve member’s financial well-being while building lifelong relationships.

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