When I first heard that ELGA was putting together this amazing program, I was eager to learn more. I got to know our Success Coach, Lori Hawk, a lot better through helping her launch the Financial Fitness program. I wanted to share her answers to the questions I had.

Tell me what the Financial Fitness program is about?
The financial fitness program is a series of financial seminars about real life topics affecting today’s adults to help them walk through their current financial situation into a better one. 

How did the idea for Financial Fitness come to you?
I have done many financial counseling and budget counseling sessions over the past several years.  I have kept track of areas where our members say they wish they had known __________.    The seminars chosen for financial fitness are proven areas of the “blanks” filled in by topics or members wished they had done things differently.   

Who are these seminars designed for?
The seminars are designed for people in all walks of life who have to provide for a family each month.  It doesn’t matter if you are a one income or two income family, if you are renting or a homeowner.  If you have to pay bills, these seminars are for you.  If you already think you are a master budgeter, you can still come to pick up on a few extra tips.  

How does someone get started in the program?
You can start with seminar 1, 12 or anywhere in between.  The seminars are a series, yet they each have stand alone topics.   Adults who have grown children probably won’t want to come to the seminar about children’s allowance.  Adults who have small children might not be interested in the college or wedding seminars.  That is fine to pick and choose the topics which will help you out based on where you are today.  

When and where will these seminars be held?
You will be able to attend these seminars at our Burton, Flint and Lapeer branch locations. There will be additional locations added over time. The seminars are scheduled for a variety of times and days to make it easy to find one that works for you. We do ask that you register for these seminars so that we can set up the room. 

I was really intrigued by your new title of Success Coach. What does a Success Coach do in the private session and how will it look?
Although each person who attends the seminars should be able to take the topic home and sort out how it applies to them, we know there are some times when it “pays” to have someone else look at your individual situation and be a sounding board for getting things moved around.  Sometimes when finances aren’t coming together, it is nice to have a second set of eyes to look over what is being done to see if there might be a better way to go about it.  When someone is making a large financial decision, it is nice to have someone who will keep your decisions and finances private go over the pros and cons of the decision.  The Success Coach time is a paid session by the hour.   Someone can purchase an individual coaching session or they can purchase a bundle 10, which gives them 12 full coaching hours (2 free).  The coaching hours can be used once a week, bi-weekly or monthly, depending on how quickly the person wants to get through all of their financial goals.

Where will folks be able to work with you as a Success Coach?
The success coach sessions will be held on a one on one (or one on two if a family unit would like to come together).  These will be held in an private office setting at one of our many branch locations.  We will have different branches set for different days.  The person purchasing the success coach time can choose a date, time and location that best fits in their schedule.  

You can find out more about the individual seminars at the ELGA Financial Fitness website. When you’re ready to schedule yourself for one of the free seminars, please look for the Schedule a Seminar button to the right side of this page, or on any of the Financial Fitness webpages. Lori is an engaging speaker and I can’t wait to sit in on her seminars myself.


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