Having just celebrated father’s day last weekend, I have been reflecting on some of the great things¬†my¬†dad¬†taught me over the years.¬† One of the major things I have always appreciated about my dad is his support of my pursuit of my dreams.¬† He has always encouraged me to keep on going and never give up until I reach my goals.¬† I am¬†thinking of one life pursuit in particular and that was my college education.¬† Maybe this advice from my dad will be just the boost you need to hear too!

My dad always told me not to “take a break”¬†from college.¬† And no, he wasn’t a slave driver if that is what you are imagining.¬† Let me explain what he meant.¬† Many students in college choose to take a semester or two off for any number of reasons…brain overload, money issues, work…they want time off to recooperate, recover, relax, or catch up.¬† While sometimes that is unavoidable due to life’s circumstances, usually where there is a will, there is a way.¬† What he observed and pointed out to me was that most of¬†these students ended up “going to college” for far longer than they ever anticipated and, oftentimes, never ended up obtaining¬†any degree even though¬†they spent so much time and money¬†working toward one.

He encouraged me to keep pushing through no matter what and earn my degree.¬† And that’s exactly what I did.¬† I went to school locally and commuted to campus for all of my classes.¬† I held a part-time job during that entire period to cover my bills.¬† Money was very meager at times.¬† I had an opportunity to become a manager at the pizza chain I was working, for which there was a tempting pay increase.¬† But that would have significantly affected my ability to attend classes and continue to do well in my school work.¬† I declined the position and nobody could understand why.¬† Well, two years later when I was able to walk across the stage, get my degree and start a job that related to my field of study, they understood!

I am telling you this story to say this: Never stop moving forward on your dreams.¬† Keep up the momentum, even if it feels like you are moving at a snail’s pace.¬† Sooner than you think, you will pass important milestones and eventually¬†arrive at your destination, having learned many things along the way.¬† And trust me, you will learn important life lessons like the one I learned from dear old dad.¬† Never¬†ever¬†stop pursuing your dreams!

Hi, I'm Malori, one of your Vibe Ninjas. I graduated from the University of Michigan - Flint in 2008 with a B.A. in Organizational Communication and a minor in Espa√Īol. I applied at ELGA during a job fair at U of M and started full time immediately after graduation. To top that all off, in April of 2011 I married Brian, the love of my life. So, now that you know a little bit about where I'm coming from, maybe you can relate a little better. I hope the advice, ramblings, life experiences, and occasional lame jokes in my posts will benefit you in some way. We're all in this journey together. I'd love to hear your story and your comments!

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