Davison welcomed the 29th Annual Pumpkin Festival on October 11th, 2019 from 6-8 PM. The weather had been keeping everyone on edge all day, with the rain forecast. Thankfully, the percentage steadily decreased as the day went on. The city kept the children in mind and canceled the event, sadly. However, this does have a wonderful ending. The Free Methodist Church of Davison stepped up and offered to allow everyone involved to set up tables in their church. I was thrilled, but also wanted to set up our truck.

The members of the church were accommodating hosts, with members flaunting memorable costumes and shouldering the bulk of the unexpected workload due to the unfortunate weather. Local sponsors were as courteous as can be, tables immaculate in design and weathered with décor kindling in the spirit of Halloween. Adults were served invitations and discounts to local businesses while the children enjoyed the overflowing cauldrons of sweets and succulents. Smiles and laughs echoed through the gymnasium as parents and sponsors alike awed at the joy on their wanting faces.

Characters and Costumes

Elsa, flowing elegantly in her frozen blue dress and plumed with beautiful blonde curls, waited happily for the eager youth at the end of the festivities of the gym with her swaths of candy, and the witches and wights before her were just as ironically joyous to bestow their contents to the masses that paraded through the Trunk or Treat. The waiting line was occupied with the silly antics of a man dressed in a hilarious display of a Crayola crayon box, comically remarking how he was several crayons short of a full box. Upon the exit, visitors were greeted to a gaping maw of whitened teeth lacing the outer rim of a dressed ELGA truck, bags of further enjoyment lying among the open mouth of the backside of the vehicle. The fabricated monster capped off the event with six ELGA associates courteously representing the company with smiles and thanks. The rain had stayed its hands long enough for the participants to enjoy the finality of the event.

This was such a lovely event to Champion. It made me proud to show my girls what they could accomplish if they worked as a team. The children and all the families were so much fun. I enjoyed how many asked to have their picture with our truck in the background. We were the only sponsor to have a “trunk” and I enjoyed every second of it. ELGA loves to give to the community. I am so proud to call ELGA my credit union and much of the community feels the same way.

Author: Candice Endicott
Teller Machine Agent – Davison

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